Wheat Genetics Resource Center :: NSF I/UCRC

The world's first NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) on wheat, the Wheat Genetics Resource Center (WGRC), was established at Kansas State University in 2013 after the university was identified as being the leader in wheat research by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The center is a collaborative effort between Kansas State University and Colorado State University in conjunction with leading industry partners. The university side of the center is primarily focused on developing new methods that utilize genetic diversity to improve wheat, and the industry side of the center focuses on delivering these improved traits to the user. The WGRC has one of the world's most comprhensive collections of wheat germplasm in the world. The WGRC contains more than 2500 wheat species (including wild species) and over 2200 cytogenetic stocks.  


 I/UCRC WGRC has two main missions:

  • To collect and mobilize the genetic diversity to enhance wheat yield to meet food security needs
  • Graduate student training to produce future leaders in wheat research, and sponsoring visiting scholars for academic training and exchange of ideas


 Currently, the center is working on the following work packages:
  • Managing wheat germplasm
Project Leaders: WJ Raupp, BS Gill
  • Mining wheat gene pool
Project Leaders: VK Tiwari, N Singh, D Wilson, S Sehgal, J Raupp, J Poland, AK Fritz, BS Gill
  • Wheat phenotyping for drought tolerance
Project Leaders: PF Byrne, SD Reid
  • Wheat genetic stocks and wheat introgression platform
Project Leaders: B Friebe, DH Koo, S Sehgal, BS Gill
  • Comprehensive graduate student education and training
Project Leader: J Poland, A Fritz, BS Gill


The following images were made by Dal-Hoe Koo in the Wheat Genetics Research Center at Kansas State University. The image may be used for oral and poster presentations with proper acknowledgment. Express written permission is required for use in any publication, written or electronic.
Genome sizes and chromosomal locations of the species-specific centromeric repeats (Arabidopsis_pAL180, rice_CentO, soybean_GmCent, maize_CentC, barley_AGGGAGn and wheat_CRWs) in model and crop plants.
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