One of the main goals of the Poland lab is to keep up-to-date with current agronomic practices using industry-standard technology. By combining the tools below, our program is improving record-keeping and efficiently utilizing field space by eliminating many potential sources of error that have been issues in the past.

Barcodes Everywhere

Barcoding systems are designed for environments that can have thousands of individual samples. While it used to be easier to record everything manually, the shear size of populations being planted today make it easier for any person to make an untraceable mistake. By utilizing barcodes, we create a high throughput work environment, saving time on stocking seed trays, harvesting greenhouse plants, or inventorying hundreds of samples per hour.


We have developed several open source apps to help the science community quickly collect and organize data. We have uploaded our Android applications to Google Play for easy updates to all users. All other apps can be found in our downloads section.


We use a variety of different hardware in the lab for data collection and organization. We attempt to keep this section updated with a list of hardware that will work with our software.

  • Android tablets

    We use Android tablets due to their flexibility and inexpensive nature. Nexus tablets are produced by Google and run the most recent version of Android.

  • USB scales

    While wireless scales are available, wired scales are more reliable when collecting data and are plug and play.

  • Barcode scanners

    We rely on linear scanners, primarily due to cost.

  • Micro-USB adapters

    These adapters are used to connect peripheral devices to our Android tablets.


With current technology, we are able to take the human error out of planting. This results in better utilization of field space, more uniform plots, and less work when planting.