1KK is an app designed to analyze seed lots. Its name comes from the one thousand kernel weight that is commonly used as a selection criteria in plant breeding programs. 1KK extracts seed morphology from images captured by phone and tablet cameras.

 A non-parametric algorithm is used to identify individual seeds for shape measurements. Reference circles of known size included on the background translate pixel measurements of seeds to actual size. Each individual seed length, width, and area are determined using the same algorithm implemented in SmartGrain. Data can be exported in a sample summary form and on a per-object basis. For measurement of thousand kernel weight, the total number of seeds are counted and divided by the total weight. For weight measurements, the app is compatible with Elane USB scales (1g resolution). Future updates will add compatibility with a more precise scale.

1KK can measure ‘seeds’ of any size and shape. With a properly-sized reference background, potato tubers and cassava roots can be imaged and measured.

1KK is compatible with most Android phones and tablets. The app can be installed by downloading from the Play Store. Alternatively, the .apk can be installed by moving the file to the tablet memory, allowing installations from non-Market apps, and opening the .apk file. The 1KK green background can be downloaded here. 1KK is free software released under the GNU/GPL2 License.


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Trevor Rife, Project Designer and Programmer, Kansas State University

Jesse Poland, Project Lead, Kansas State University