Field Book

Field Book is one of the apps developed for the One Handheld Per Breeder initiative. Field Book is a simple app that can be used by researchers to easily take notes on field research plots. Other digital note-taking tools are often complex spreadsheet applications that don't allow for fast and flexible data entry or are created for proprietary and expensive hardware which is inaccessible for many research groups.

Using open-source software and relatively inexpensive phone and tablet hardware, we have created a platform that will allow researchers to replace hard-copy field books, thus alleviating the possibility of transcription errors. Creating this system also allows useful and modern technology to be used in environments where cost and inflexibility have been limiting factors. Data input is customized for a large number of data types including numeric, percentage, categorical, multicategorical, date, Boolean, text, counter, rust score, photo, and audio. These data types allow the user to created custom traits to suit their own personal needs. 

Field Book is compatible with most Android phones and tablets. The app can be installed by downloading from the Play Store. Alternatively, the .apk can be installed by moving the file to the tablet memory, allowing installations from non-Market apps, and opening the .apk file. Sample data is included within the app and the user is prompted to load the data when it's first installed. Field Book is free software released under the GNU/GPL2 License.

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Trevor Rife, Project Designer and Programmer, Kansas State University

Jesse Poland, Project Lead, Kansas State University


Irazema Fuentes-Bueno, Sandra Dunckel, Shuangye Wu, Narinder Singh, Daljit Singh, Erena Edae, Tatiana Danilova, Rodrigo Pedrozo, Cristiano Lemes da Silva, Sophie Bouchet, Hiroyoshi Iwata, Goro Ishikawa, Khaled El-Shamaa


Development of Field Book was supported through the Collaborative Crop Research Program of The McKnight Foundation