The Dynamic Sensing Program (DySense) is a free, open-source application that provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for collecting sensor data.  It was designed so that sensors can be quickly added or removed without manually having to edit the program each time.  This higher level of flexibility works well for High-Throughput Phenotyping applications where requirements frequently change and new sensors are constantly being evaluated.

In addition to saving sensor data, DySense allows the user to view the live data, make changes to various sensor settings, as well as map the position of the platform as it moves through the field. More importantly, the program can automatically monitor data quality, such as the GPS fix or number of satellites, which allows the user to be confident that the data being collected will be useful.  

DySense has been tested on various platforms utilized within the Poland Lab. It has been used with a normal laptop for large-scale transplant mapping using multiple DSLR cameras.  It's also being used with a desktop computer on the PheMu tractor system to collect data from the KinectV2, along with a variety of other sensors.  Lastly, it's being used with a touch-screen Microsoft Surface computer on the new version of the Phenocart.

Examples of currently supported sensors:
 - Canon EOS Cameras
 - KinectV2
 - Any GPS that supports NMEA
 - Dual-antenna Trimple RTK GPS
 - Greenseeker
 - IRT sensor from MicroEpsilon

Read more about getting started with DySense on GitHub.