Phenocorn in Mexico

The Phenocart integrates several sensor systems into one functional unit.  Spectral reflectance (NDVI), canopy temperature, and color images are collected simultaneously.  In addition to collecting these different measurements, each data point is precisely geo-referenced using a high-precision GPS.  Using the Phenocart platform large amount of phenotypic data can be collected quickly and accurately.  The automated data collection also allows for faster data processing, as data statistics can quickly be summarized following data collection.

Our analysis has shown the Phenocart performs as well as current phenotyping methods.  The Phenocart is highly portable and can be used worldwide.  We have made the software and a detailed user manual available for download.  In addition to the software program, we have also created a cart which can be used with the Phenocart.

Phenocorn with cart at CIMMYT