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Manhattan, KSFlint Hills


Manhattan, KS 

Located in the heart of the rolling Flint Hills, Manhattan is a thriving center for trade, education, government, health care, and entertainment. The area features an excellent university,respected army post, fine arts, the beauty of nature, exciting sports teams, and other attractions.

The beautiful Flint Hills Ecoregion is designated as a distinct region because it has the densest coverage of intact tallgrass prairie in North America. Due to its rocky soil, early settlers were unable to plow the area, resulting in the development of cattle ranches, which largely benefited from the tallgrass prairie.


Kansas State University

Kansas State University is the largest employer and educational institution in the city of Manhattan with nearly 25,000 students.  KSU is home to Wildcat sports, as well as a host to nationally recognized academics. Kansas State University has ranked first nationally among state universities in its total of Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Goldwater, and Udall scholars since 1986. Manhattan residents are said to "Bleed purple" due to their pride in Kansas State athletics. KSU was also ranked number seven by the Huffington Post as one of the happiest campuses in 2015.

Kansas State University




The campus is very historic, featuring pre-1910 buildings made from native limestone including Anderson Hall built in 1877.  Although there are many historic buildings on campus, since 1986 KSU has added over two million square feet of new buildings to the campus, including an expanded library, new art museum, and plant sciences building.