Scott Chapman

Scott Chapman was a Senior Principal Research Scientist with CSIRO in Australia. He worked at Kansas State University in the Poland Lab as a Visiting Fulbright Senior Scholar.

His research interests lie in the genetic and environment effects on the growth of field crops, particularly where drought dominates. He was looking at the application of quantitative approaches (crop simulation and statistical methods) and phenotyping (aerial imaging, canopy monitoring) to integrate the understanding of interactions of genetics, growth and development and the bio-physical environment on crop yield.

Scotts’ Fulbright Scholarship allowed him to undertake new research into how best to characterize wheat plant growth in response to field stress conditions. KSU is located in a low rainfall zone with some of the largest areas of wheat and sorghum production in the USA, the two crops that Scott works on in Australia. Although he has frequently worked with scientists in the region, this study period helped build new collaborations with KSU and other agricultural centres in the US into the future. It also provided the opportunity to better understand how plant breeding can be used to improve adaptation to drought and heat conditions.

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