Hannah Shult


Hannah Shult grew up in Manhattan, Kansas and is the daughter of Dr. Jiang Shult and the late Dr. Ernest Shult (KSU Professor Emeritus in Mathematics).  Her research interest is studying the diversity of organisms through genetic information.  She has previously done genetic research in the fields of ornithology and entomology, and is very pleased to be applying her skills to crop improvement in the Wheat Genetics Research Center.  

2012                                     B.G.S. - African and African-American Studies, African-American emphasis, University of Kansas; Lawrence, KS.
2012                                     B.S. - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Kansas; Lawrence, KS.
2015                           Andersen, M.J., H.T. Shult, A. Cibois, J.C. Thibault, C.E. Filardi, and R.G. Moyle.  2015.  Rapid diversification and second sympatry in Australo-Pacific kingfishers (Aves: Alcedinidae: Todiramphus).  Royal Society Open Science 2: 140375.  
2015             Master’s Research.  Louisiana State University, AgCenter – Department of Entomology.  
Population structure of invasive soybean pest 
Piezodorus guildinii in the southern United States – evidence of low heterozygocity.  
2013-2015             Master’s Research.  Louisiana State University, AgCenter – Department of Entomology.  Identification of informative microsatellite loci for population genetics study of the invasive pentatomid, Piezodorus guildinii (Westwood).  
2012-2013                 Volunteer Lab Assistant.  University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute – Division of Ornithology.   Museum specimen preparation of avian study skins.
2010-2012                 Independent Undergraduate Honors Research.  University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute – Division of Ornithology.  Research advisor: Dr. Robert G. Moyle.  Investigation of phylogeny, speciation, and island biogeography of polytypic Pacific avian species, Todiramphus chlorisand sister taxa.



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