Liangliang Gao

Liangliang Gao is a post-doctoral Research Associate in bioinformatics, working in Dr. Jesse Poland’s group at Kansas State University.  Dr. Gao’s main research goal is to lead computational approaches to utilize next generation sequencing data for genomics-assisted breeding in wheat. Dr. Gao is expected to develop improved approaches for analysis of genotyping by sequencing (GBS) data and whole genome sequence data for genome anchoring and translate genomic information to prediction models for genomic selection.

Past achievements (as of August 2016)

Dr. Gao published nine journal articles, one book chapter and over 12 abstracts for scientific conferences (google scholar profile: Dr. Gao’s previous research focused on organ specific defense against late blight in potato, mapping wheat genes effective to rust diseases, genome wide association study of wheat disease resistance traits, and genomic selections in wheat scab resistance. Dr. Gao also served as a reviewer for 19 pre-publication journal articles (Journal review profile: Dr. Gao actively develops novel and efficient computer programs or pipelines to automate crop science data conversion (Github site:


Ph.D. Plant Pathology (Potato Pathology & Genomics), University of Minnesota | 2013

M.S. Crop Genetics and Breeding, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China | 2007

B.S. Biological Science, Hebei University, Baoding, China | 2004

Recent Publications

Gao, L., and Bradeen, J. M. 2016. Contrasting Potato Foliage and Tuber Defense Mechanisms against the Late Blight Pathogen Phytophthora infestans. PLoS One 11:e0159969.

Gao, L., Turner, M. K., Chao, X. M., Kolmer J., Anderson J. A. (2016) Genome wide association study (GWAS) of seedling and adult plant leaf rust resistance in elite wheat breeding lines PLoS One DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0148671               

Zhang, X., Sallam, A., Gao, L., Kantarski, T., Poland, J., DeHaan, L. R., Wyse, D. and  Anderson, J. A. (2016) Establishment and optimization of genomic selection to accelerate the domestication and improvement of intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium) using recurrent selection. The Plant Genome DOI: 10.3835/plantgenome2015.07.0059 (

Gao, L., Kielsmeier-Cook, J., Bajgain, P., Zhang, X., Chao, S., Rouse, M. N. and Anderson, J. A. (2015) Development of genotyping by sequencing (GBS)- and array-derived SNP markers for stem rust resistance gene Sr42. Molecular Breeding 35:207 (

Millett, B., Gao. L. (co-first author), Iorizzo1 M., Carputo D., Bradeen J.M.(2015) Potato tuber blight resistance phenotypes correlate with RB transgene transcript levels in an age-dependent manner. Phytopathology 105:1131-1136 (

Iorizzo, M., Gao, L. (co-first author), Mann, H., Chiusano, M.L., Carputo, D., Kilian A., Bradeen, J.M. (2014) A DArT marker-based linkage map for wild potato Solanum bulbocastanum facilitates structural comparisons between Solanum A and B genomes. BMC genetics 15:123 (

Zhou, P., Silverstein K.A.T., Gao, L., Nallu, S., Guhlin J. and Young, N.D. (2013) Detecting Small Plant Peptides in Plants using SPADA (Small Peptide Alignment Discovery Application). BMC Bioinformatics 14:335 (

Gao, L., Tu, Z.J., Millett B., Bradeen, J.M. (2013) Insights into organ-specific pathogen defense responses in plants: RNA-seq analysis of potato tuber-Phytophthora infestans interactions. BMC Genomics 14:340 (


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