Current Lab Members 


Jesse Poland - Wheat Geneticist

Jesse is an Associate Professor and serves as Director of the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Applied Wheat Genomics and Associate Director of the WGRC. 


Shuangye Wu - Assistant Scientist

Shuangye's responsibilities include managing the genotyping lab, preparing genotyping samples, and providing genotyping training to visitors.

Winters Bo

Bo Winters - Project Manager 

Bo is responsible for managing activities at the lab including facilitating meetings, managing website content and design, and developing communication materials. 


Haley Ahlers - Project Manager

Haley's responsibilities include developing a communication strategy, coordinating and facilitating meetings, organizing program events and overall general project management.

Evers Byron

Byron Evers - Senior Research Associate

Byron is responsible for managing all field trials and greenhouse activities. His responsibilities include planting, harvesting, and taking phenotypic notes.

Mark Lucas - Programmer

As programmer for the team, Mark focuses on providing software support and database management.

Hannah Shult - Assistant Scientist

As an Assistant Scientist, Hannah's research interest is in studying the diversity of organisms through genetic information.


Richard Brown - UAS Pilot

Richard is responsible for managing unmanned aircraft flight operations, maintenance, payload integration, export, and operator training. 


Peter Rosario - Programmer

Pete is a programmer for the lab and spends most of his time developing android applications for phenoApps.     


Alexandria Kieffaber - Research Assistant

Alex's main focuses are screening wheat lines for BYDV resistance using viruliferous aphids in a greenhouse setting and monitoring BYD virus populations, disease incidence and vector species in the BYD field experiments.

Kevin Dorn - Postdoc

Kevin is currently working on the genomics of intermediate wheatgrass (scientific name - Thinopyrum intermedium, commercial name - KernzaTM).

Trevor Rife - Postdoc

Trevor is leading development of phenoApps, a series of user-friendly mobile applications to enable breeding and research programs to rapidly collect and manage phenotypic data.


Narinder Singh - Postdoc

Narinder's ultimate goal is to develop new and improved germplasm to help wheat breeders improve their crop for important agronomic traits.

Atena Haghighattalab - Postdoc

Atena's work is primarily focused on high-throughput field phenotyping using remotely sensed measurements from unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). 


Daljit Singh - Graduate Student

Daljit is developing UAV based high-throughput phenotyping tools and genomic prediction models for South Asia.                                   

Megan Calvert - Graduate Student

Megan focuses on building multivariate genomic selection models for the Kansas State winter wheat breeding program.


Mokhlesur Rahman - Graduate Student

Mokhlesur is interested in applied wheat genomics and QTL analysis for abiotic and biotic stresses in wheat.

Delorean Emily

Emily Delorean - Graduate Student 

Emily works on genomic selection models for end-use quality in the CIMMYT (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center) wheat breeding program. 

Jared Crain - Postdoc

Jared works as a research associate where he is evaluating how genomic selection and association mapping can be used to enhance the IWG breeding cycle.

Gao Liang

Liang Gao - Postdoc

Liang's main research goal is to lead computational approaches to utilize next generation sequencing data for genomics-assisted breeding in wheat. 


Paula Silva - Graduate Student

Paula's interest relates to wheat breeding for resistance to diseases and abiotic factors using conventional breeding approaches.


Xu (Kevin) Wang - Postdoc

Kevin builds data/image acquisition platforms for field-based high-throughput phenotyping, assembles phenotypic data/image processing pipelines, and develops algorithms.

Sandesh S

Sandesh Shrestha - Postdoc

Sandesh’s research at the lab focuses on utilizing genomic selection in order to improve end-use quality in wheat.

Zhang Shichen

Shichen Zhang - Postdoc      

Shichen works on improving wheat end-use quality through genomic selection using ‘omics’ data. She also preforms simulations to evaluate genetic gain of yield from different breeding schemes using high-throughput phenotyping data as secondary traits. 




Eric Olson - Wheat Breeder & Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

Eric was a graduate student and postdoc with the Poland Lab and WGRC. He is now at Michigan State where he leads the wheat breeding and genetics program.

Erena Edae - Research Geneticist, USDA-ARS

Erena is a former Postdoc and currently with USDA-ARS in Minneapolis, MN.  His work focused on bioinformatics and mapping disease resistance.

Sarah Battenfield- Hybrid Wheat Breeder, Syngenta

Sarah is now a wheat breeder with Syngenta for the U.S. Central Plains. She was at graduate student at KSU and Postdoc working on genomic prediction for wheat quality.

Traci Kantarski - Science Fellow & Lecturer, Columbia University

Traci was a student and postdoc with the Poland lab working on genetics and genomics of Intermediate Wheat Grass (Thinopyrum intermedium).  


Sandra Dunckel - Wheat Breeder & Biotech Lead, LongReach Plant Breeders

Sandra is now with LongReach Plant Breeders in Adelaide, Australia.  When she was with the Poland Lab her work focused on genomic prediction for synthetic wheat populations.





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