Sequencing the wheat genome to help feed the world

A high quality bread wheat reference sequence is on the horizon.

Manhattan, Kansas, USA – 6 January 2016                                                                                            

MANHATTAN — Kansas State University Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of the Wheat Genetics Resource Center, Jesse Poland, in collaboration with the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC), has announced the production of an improved whole genome assembly of bread wheat, the most widely grown cereal in the world.   Read full article.


Innovation Lab 2015 Annual Meeting

CIMMYT, El Batán, Mexico, July 21-22,2015


Meeting agenda



Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Applied Wheat Genomics: Jesse Poland

Marking and Communications: Lisa Borello

Procedures for Genomic-Prediction: José Crossa

Phenotypic Data Collection and Interpretation: Uttam Kumar

Feed the Future Overview and Updates: Nora Lapitan

Mexico Field Trials and Phenotyping: Suchismita Mondal

Grain Yield Prediction and Database Update: Jessica Rutkoski

BMS Progress, GOBII, and Dataverse and Germinate for Public Data Sharing: Kate Dreher and Rosemary Shrestha

Model Development for High Throughput Phenotyping Data: Jin Sun

Ecophysiology and genetic model associations: Ravi Valluru

New Technologies Quicken Development of Climate-resilient Wheat in South Asia

Crippling climate changes, coupled with a growing population, threaten food security, economic welfare and social harmony in South Asia—a region heavily dependent on wheat for its nutrition and income. But in the race to fight hunger, the development of new wheat varieties that can withstand harsh growing conditions is severely hindered by traditionally laborious and time-consuming breeding processes. Read full article in Feed the Future September newsletter.

Innovation Lab 2016 Annual Meeting

CIMMYT, El Batán, Mexico, August 1-2,2016


 Meeting Agenda



Communications UpdateHaley Ahlers

Project OverviewJesse Poland

CIMMYT OverviewRavi Singh

Bangladesh UpdateMohkles Rahman

CIMMYT-Obregon UpdateSuchismita Mondal

CIMMYT UpdateSusanne Dreisigacker

Genomic PredictionJose Crossa Hiriart

USAID-FTF OverviewVern Long

Dataverse UpdateKate Dreher

CIMMYT Remote SensingFrancisco Pinto & Matthew Reynolds

UAV PhenotypingDaljit Singh